Its been over a year now since I jumped on board the O cosmedics train and boy I’m glad a did so.

You know what I love so much about this product?? You actually see results pretty much instantly!! You don’t need to be using the it for months on end and waiting to see the magic happen. O is fast acting, I saw results in the first few days which made me feel so confident I had  made the right choice.

I have had so many compliments on my skin since using O. The brightness, glow and all over clarity of my complexion has 100% improved because I’m now using a product that penetrates the deep layers of my skin and doesn’t just touch the surface.

Once I hit 30 and after having a baby my skin changed so much, I needed more and O has been my saving grace!! After all, it makes a huge difference when you can feel confident in your own skin. Not that I wasn’t before hand but I certainly feel more youthful now hahaha and that’s a huge plus!!!

Here are my faves and absolute daily essentials in the O range.


This is the one product I can not live without, it certainly is a ‘Hero product” I have literally seen the disappearance of fine line on my forehead and around my eyes. Which is an absolute god send. I have had the same feedback from friends and family that now use O as well. It seems to be everyone’s fave and for good reason!! Who doesn’t want to see the back of wrinkles.

Super concentrated doses of pure L-Sodium Hyaluronate Acetyl Octapeptide-3 and a 100% natural skin-tightener make this topical skin filler a potent youth accelerator. Fortified with encapsulated multi vitamins and V8 Peptide Complex® this serum helps to relax the muscle and decrease appearance of lines and wrinkles leaving the skin hydrated and radiant. Hero product! Perfect for all skin types looking for super hydration calming and soothing youth and radiance. Use 1-2 pumps around the eyes, face and throat morning and/or evening after cleansing and before hydrating.


Daily must have. I use the recovery cream every morning before I apply my make up for all day hydration and glow. The bottle last for ever as you really don’t need to go overboard with the quantity you use. I have recently started adding half a scoop of the Pure C+BHA for extra radiance and once again I am so impressed with the speed in which this works and how its also enhanced the results from my other products. 

Recovery cream- Specifically formulated to support the skin’s repair mechanism help restore its protective barrier and dramatically assist reduction of inflammation.This super-comforting yet ultra-powered age defying cream has been fortified with potent antioxidants which gives a “volumising effect without surgery” and ultimate skin radiance. V8 Peptide Complex™ ensures skin is super hydrated protected and comforted. Best seller!
Perfect for assisting weakened reactive skins looking for youth and radiance. Apply 1-2 pumps to face and throat morning and/or evening

Pure C + BHA- Pure and potent. Protect your skin from free radical damage using the most powerful antioxidant benefit of fresh chirally corrected Vitamin C. This pure L’Ascorbic Acid with encapsulated BHA offers daily exfoliation and antioxidant benefits second to none. Radiance plus!
Perfect for all skins in fact an absolute daily must.

Mix half a scoop into your choice of O Cosmedics serum or treatment hydrator. Apply to face and throat daily.


YES. YES AND JUST YES!!!!! Another fave. This amazing hydrating balm works like magic. I apply this every night after cleansing and applying the ‘Pure age serum”

The youth activating oil balm soaks into my skin over night and repairs it from deep down. I wake feel fresh and hydrated. Awesome if your skin is on the dryer side like mine and after a little more comfort!!

Youth Activating Oil-Balm is a corrective treatment serum rich in vitamins and fatty acids. The L22 restores the skin’s lipid composition to that of a healthy 22 year old while the Lakesis increases the production of Klotho (a youth protein)in the fibroblast and reactivates cellular detoxification. Heavenly!
Perfect for dry dehydrated aging skins looking for extra comfort and nourishment.


An absolute essential to compliment the O products that your using. This cleanser is perfect to use on a morning to freshen the skin and on an evening to remove your daily make-up.

A gentle daily facial cleanser strengthened with powerful antioxidants. Suitable for all skin types including reactive and rosacea skins post peel laser and surgery cleansing. Fortified with anti-pollutant boosters that trap and remove dirt and excess sebum. V8 Peptide Complex®
leaves the skin super hydrated and refreshed. A daily must have!
Perfect for all skin types including the most compromised


I recently asked these guys the question, “what can I use to reduce the darker circles under my eyes” This has all come about after having a babe that didn’t like sleeping for the best part of two years #mumlyf. Their response was this little miracle in a bottle. I used the eye correct for 3 days and emailed O back, “umm is this meant to work so fast” Their response, “Yes, It just means its loving you right back”

Eye Correct’s unique patented luminescent effect lightens and smoothes the delicate eye area whilst powerful moisturisers and a Tetrapeptide help to reduce puffy eyes reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles boost firmness and elasticity. You gotta love that!
Perfect for all skins looking for wrinkle free youthful eyes.

Heres the link to the O cosmedics site http://www.ocosmedics.com/ so you can browse their amazing range. You can also follow these guys on IG @ocosmedics and keep up to date with all products and new arrivals. 

One thing is for sure I am hooked and so are my family and friends. O achieves results, fast and I just love that!

With Love BK xx

Cosy in Ugg Australia

So it’s Easter Sunday and this mumma found some time to actually sit and write a quick blog!! Wow, it’s been a while!

Today we are keeping cosy in our new @uggaustraliaest1981 ugg boots. Let me tell you these are worth every cent!

Comfy, cosy, amazing quality and made right here in Australia.

In the Tassie winter I literally live in my uggs. I love this place but SERIOUSLY hate the the cold!!! I need layers upon layers, thick socks and warm uggs are essential.

You guys can check out the range here


My faves are the Bondi 3/4 as they have the outdoor sole so they are great for wearing absolutely everywhere and last for ages!!!

The toddler range is so damn cute as you can see and it’s most important the little ones are the warmest!

Ps these snaps taken by my hubby are my faves!! Precious memories to treasure forever!!


Saturday night feels!

So its been a while between blogs!!!

Life has been busy, but Im back and you will be seeing more of me on here!!

Monday is here already and it was one of those rare weekends for me where I actually wasn’t on the couch In my pjs by 7pm hahahh!!

My friends @fluxxboutique have an amazing line up of Aussie labels and I can not get enough of the beautiful Shona Joy Voyager drawstring mini dress.

Light weight Linen and neutral pin stripes, need I say more. It’s the perfect summer style and I know I will be giving it a good work out while its still warm down south!!

I have styled it back with my Abacus heels from @aliasmae and my all time fave leather jacket that comes everywhere with me @enapelly

Jump on IG and keep up to date with all new arrivals at this gorge boutique!!


image (19)

image (21)

image (20)


My late Pop always used to say “stop and smell the roses” So thats exactly what I have been trying to do a little more lately, quiet literally.


This dress oozes Summer and makes me super excited for my fave season to arrive. I’m totally loving everything soft pink atm so this baby had me at hello.

If your not following one @kokoluboutique on IG then I suggest heading on over. They have such a great line up of Aussie brands, that’s where you can get your hands in this beauty. But be quick, they won’t last long.

Shop their flash sale, use code FLASH25 for 25% off storewide






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Spring has most certainly sprung where my wardrobe is concerned and now I am just waiting for the Tassie warmth to roll on in. (lets be honest, I could be waiting a while)

I am absolutely head over heels with this GORGEOUS Steele label dress from @saylorandsaige. The beautiful cherry primrose print which is a Steele exclusive is so feminine and fresh. The low slung shirred waist and short flowing sleeves are the perfect combo and make this dress look and feel super relaxed and summery.

Worn with a cute flat or and tan heel, I know this dress is going to be on high rotation this season.

Shop it online now at SAYLOR AND SAIGE and keep up to date with new arrivals @saylorandsaige on IG.

With love, BK xx

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Q And A With Brogan Kate


Brogan Kate is a beautiful, talented, young Australian woman whose sense of style and creativity together with her social media savvy and passion have shaped her into the successful business owner of Brogan Kate Intimates that she is today.  The team at MooGoo Skincare and Dusty Girls love her effortlessly chic style, and always enjoy working with her. We caught up with Brogan recently for a quick Q & A.

1. You began blogging as a creative outlet a few years ago.  How did you turn that into the successful business it is today? 

As you mentioned, blogging started as an outlet for me to throw some creative inspo around, over the years it has grown in to so much more than I ever could have imagined.

My Initial blogs were “inspo pics” pulled from Pinterest, and then I started to snap my own style. It’s funny, as I never really thought that would interest people, but I think being an “everyday’ style chick with nothing too fancy seems to be relatable, and people like that.

I have been lucky enough to work with some great brands and stores, like MooGoo and Dusty Girls. I think we all help each other succeed, and that’s what I love about social media, it connects people and allows you to help complete strangers achieve great things.

Maybe the key to success is “keeping it real” in a world that is constantly challenging that.

 2. What part of your work do you enjoy the most?

That’s a hard one, I love meeting new people and developing on-going relationships. I love dressing up and styling, if I can inspire a few people along the way then that’s pretty rewarding.

Designing my intimates range is always fun and super cool, seeing gorgeous gals wearing and enjoying something that you created is always amazing.

3. How would you describe your style?

On trend, casual with a hint of boho.

Im a jeans and T-shirt girl at heart.

Brogan Kate & MooGoo & Dusty Girls

4. Yes, and your makeup reflects that style.  It’s very fresh and natural looking!  We know you use MooGoo and Dusty Girls products – can you tell us how they fit into your skincare and makeup routine and why natural products are important to you?

I swear by these two brands, 3+ years of using them both and my skin has never looked healthier. I preach these two brands to all my family and friends and have converted them all!! Haha.

Every night I cleanse with my Oil Cleanser and then apply the Evening Primrose Oil (I love this product) It is amazing at re-hydrating my skin, especially in the cool, dry winter months.

Every morning I use either the Soothing MSM Cream or Brightening Cream, I alternate them each day. Both of these are a great base for my Dusty Girls Mineral Foundation Powder. I then layer my cheeks with the Bronzer and Blusher to create a sun-kissed look. On the lips, it’s always Maca Nude with the clear Mineral Lip Gloss on top. (I am always getting asked what lippy i’m wearing) such a great everyday colour.

I love using the natural products on myself and especially my son Otis. It’s the only option. If you read the ingredients on some of the products out there and actually research what they are made up of, people would be shocked, it is quite confronting.

I think in this day and age, natural is the only “safe” option.

5. Which one of those products can you not leave home without?

I always have 2 or 3 of the Cow Lick Lip Balms in my car or my purse etc, this is my must have. It is hydrating and not addictive like other lip balms. Swear by it.

The other day I literally made a trip out just to buy another as I could not find one anywhere hahaha that says something, I cannot live without this one!!

6. You post amazing Instagram pics, and lots of people follow you for fashion inspiration!  Who are the Instagrammers or bloggers that inspire and motivate you?

Ohhhh there are so many amazing accounts, I do love @miss_gunner she’s so cool, has amazing style and is a super nice chick! I always find new accounts that I crush on though!

All Images: @brogankate on Instagram

– See more at: http://moogoo.com.au/news/QandAWithBroganKate#sthash.B0hHf5ZX.dpuf




Mothers day was last Sunday I know but as a little extra appreciation post to my gorgeous Mum I wanted to do a blog feature. What better way to get some snaps with my fave lady than when we are twinning in our @EOSFOOTWEAR boots.

Mum loves these boots and for good reason, they are like ugg boots to wear, never have I worn a more comfy pair of shoes and thanks to her I’m a convert. We are both wearing the neutral taupe colour which seems to work with just about anything and everything.

This lady though……….. She’s the greatest woman I know. A few words that come to mind when I think of mum are selfless, beautiful, loving, generous and supportive.

In my first year of becoming a mother my appreciation for her has grown even more so (if thats possible). I am so grateful to have someone like her in my life. She knows me so well and reads me like a book even when I don’t speak words to sum up how I might be feeling, she just knows.

Although she’s my mum ( I know this might sound cliche) BUT she’s actually more like a best friend. (The last photo sums up our relationship best I think) We laugh SO much, not just mum and I but the entire family hahhaha, Its a mad house when we are all together.

I feel so truly blessed to have her as my role model, to learn and grow from, to look up to and to try my hardest to be even half the mother to my little man Otis and she is to her three girls. You are one of a kind my beautiful mother and I am so lucky to share this life with you. THANK YOU.

( Dad, you should have had some matching boots and jumped in this shoot also hahha you are simply amazing as well)



Pics thanks to my hubby @mattywoots and don’t forget the amazing @eosfootwear booties!!